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How to Prepare for Your First Massage Therapy Treatment

December 1st, 2023

Registered massage therapy is a great way to relax, relieve pain and improve your overall health. Being well-prepared sets the stage for a positive and successful experience. If you’re considering getting a massage with a registered massage therapist (RMT), here are some tips on how to prepare.

  • Schedule an appointment. When you schedule your appointment, let the therapist know what you’re hoping to achieve with your massage. This will help them to tailor the treatment to your specific needs, which could include deep tissue massage, sports massage and relaxation massage.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. You’ll be asked to undress for a massage. Most people undress to their underwear, but how much clothing you remove is up to you. It’s helpful to wear comfortable clothing that you can easily take off and put on.
  • Hydrate. Drink plenty of water before your appointment to ensure your muscles are well-hydrated. This can help enhance the benefits of the massage. Also, avoid eating a heavy meal before your massage.
  • Arrive early. If you’re a first-time client, the clinic will require you to fill out some paperwork, including a medical history form. Arriving early will give you time to relax and get comfortable before your massage begins.

You don’t need a physician referral to book your Registered Massage Therapy. 

What To Expect During Your Massage

Your massage will begin with a consultation. The therapist will ask you about your health history and areas of pain or discomfort. Let your RMT know if you have any allergies, sensitivities, or if you’re taking any medications and/or your preferences for treatment time. Additionally, tell your therapist if you’re pregnant. They’ll also discuss your goals for the massage and will share a recommended treatment plan. Before starting treatment, your RMT will ensure you agree and consent to the plan.

You will be instructed on what to do next, including undressing and getting on the massage table. Your therapist will step out of the room and return to the room to start the treatment portion of the session.

The therapist will then begin the massage. Registered massage therapists use their hands to apply pressure to your muscles. RMTs may also use other techniques, such as stretching or heat, to relax your muscles and improve circulation. If something is uncomfortable, let them know. They can adjust the pressure or technique to make the massage more comfortable for you.

You may also watch this video produced by the Registered Massage Therapists College of BC: Your First RMT Visit

Next Steps After Your Massage

After your treatment, your therapist will provide you with a treatment plan which may include how and when to book next, home exercises/stretches to aid your recovery and/or referral to other allied or medical professionals to assist you in achieving your treatment goals. 

Massage Therapy in Metro Vancouver

Back In Motion Health is a leading provider of massage therapy in the Lower Mainland. Our team of registered massage therapists offers a wide variety of services, including deep tissue massage, sports massage and relaxation massage. 

We also accept ICBC referrals. Visit us at one of our six clinics including Abbotsford, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey or Vancouver clinics. Contact us today to schedule a massage therapy appointment or book online.

Tariq Dossa

Tariq graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy with honours, finishing atop the Dean’s list in addition to being awarded first place for his Clinical case study. Tariq attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University and has also achieved certifications in Strength and Conditioning (NSCA-CSCS) and Level 1 & 2 Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

He is passionate about his patients reaching their health and wellness goals and seeks to accomplish this through safe, effective, ethical, patient-focused care. His approach to massage therapy implements various manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise and education to empower his patients who entrust him with their well-being.

In addition to having the privilege of working with his patients in clinical practice as an RMT since 2013, Tariq has also had the opportunity to assist the Vancouver Giants and Canadian Men’s XV Rugby Team, as well as the athletes at the Canadian Ultimate Championships and participants of the BMO Marathon. Since 2016, Tariq has volunteered in International Rugby, working with the Fiji Sevens Men’s Rugby team. 

“My practice focuses on preventing injury, reducing pain, restoring function and enhancing performance so that you can enjoy your daily pursuits pain-free and to the fullest!” ~ Tariq

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