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Physiotherapy in Abbotsford

Back in Motion Health’s Abbotsford physiotherapy clinic can help manage your mobility concerns, so you can enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle in the Lower Mainland.

About Physiotherapy Treatments in Abbotsford

Physio assessing patient’s ankle after injury

Leaving your injuries or musculoskeletal pain untreated can lead to chronic pain and other health conditions that may persist or worsen with time. Physiotherapy is one of the most crucial aspects of healthcare that can help you restore your movement and flexibility. It can also help you eliminate an increased risk of developing future injuries. Opting for physiotherapy treatment in Abbotsford can offer several benefits. For instance, it can help you recover faster from injuries or improve your range of motion, alleviate pain, and enhance your overall quality of life. It can help manage chronic conditions as well. Contact Back in Motion Health in Abbotsford today to learn more.

About Physiotherapy Treatments at Back in Motion Health’s Abbotsford Location

Back in Motion Health in Abbotsford provides physiotherapy treatments for individuals with various musculoskeletal conditions. Our highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to delivering superior quality care and treatment to all patients. We provide personalized care plans that are tailored to address each patient’s unique needs and goals.

Our physiotherapy treatments include:

  • Physiotherapy for knee pain
  • Physiotherapy for shoulder pain
  • Plantar fasciitis physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy for wrist pain
  • Tennis elbow physiotherapy treatment
  • Ankle physio
  • Osteoarthritis physiotherapy treatment
  • Vestibular physiotherapy
  • Pelvic floor physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy for back pain

Whether you need knee physiotherapy or are looking for a sports physio, contact our team today to schedule your appointment at our physiotherapy clinic in Abbotsford. Back in Motion Health also has other locations in the Lower Mainland area.

Back in Motion Health Abbotsford Physiotherapists

At Back in Motion Health, we take great pride in the diversity of our team of physio specialists, recognizing that each member brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Our team includes:

Jessica Edwards | Physiotherapist

Meet Jessica

Graduating from the UBC’s Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) program, Jessica has developed proficiency in hands-on physiotherapy skills, which she has combined with her expertise in exercise and fitness gained through her Bachelors of Human Kinetics degree (UBC). Jessica has completed additional certifications in Acupuncture, Manual Therapy, Concussion Management and was a Clinical Faculty member in UBC’s MPT program 2012-2015. Through her MPT degree, she has been involved in physiotherapy research, and passionately pursues the most current scientific evidence in the field. Her wide-range of professional and personal athletic experiences has instilled in her the importance of client-centered care and working with clients towards their individual goals. 

Book online with Jessica Edwards at the Abbotsford location

Jeremy Edwards | Physiotherapist

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy Edwards graduated from the UBC Master of Physical Therapy program and also holds a bachelor degree in Biology from UBC. Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, he worked as a fitness trainer, strength and conditioning coach. Since finishing his physiotherapy degree, Jeremy has completed training in vestibular physiotherapy, dry needling, pain science and tendinopathy management. Jeremy believes in combining evidence-based practice with patient-centered care to help clients to achieve their goals.

Book online with Jeremy Edwards at the Abbotsford location

Convenient Physiotherapy clinic in Abbotsford

Back in Motion Health Abbotsford location is situated at unit 107 1975 McCallum Road, Abbotsford, postal code V2S 3N3. We are located at the corner of McCallum Road and Holland Avenue.

If you are driving, we have ample free parking behind the building. If you are taking transit, the Bus #1, #3, and #12 have stops near by our location.

If you are biking, there are no bike racks in the surrounding area. Please contact us to arrange storage inside the clinic.


Monday & Thursday: 8:00 am – 6:30 pm
Tue, Wed & Friday: 8:00 am – 7:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

ICBC Covered Physiotherapy Treatment in Abbotsford

Were you recently involved in a car accident in Abbotsford? If so, seeking treatment for any injuries as soon as possible is essential. At Back in Motion Health, we know that being involved in the aftermath of a vehicle accident can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we offer direct billing to ICBC for your physiotherapy treatment, so you can get the care you need without the trouble of upfront payments.

An active ICBC claim covers 25 physiotherapy sessions that can also be clubbed with other therapies in the same appointment. Delaying your rehabilitation can worsen your injuries and delay your recovery, so seek treatment immediately at our Abbotsford centre or other clinics in the Lower Mainland area. 

To learn more, read our blog: Involved in a Car Accident? What now?

Back in Motion Health – Other Locations

In addition to our Abbotsford location, Back in Motion Health also offers services across the Lower Mainland. Choose the most convenient location for you:

Coquitlam | North Vancouver | Richmond | Surrey Newton | Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Keep reading to get answers to some of the most common questions about physiotherapy.

How Can I Book an Appointment with a Back in Motion Health Physiotherapist?

Booking an appointment at Back in Motion Health is quick and easy. We offer multiple options to schedule an appointment via phone, online, or in person at any of our locations.

To book an appointment, visit our contact page to find the phone number of the location nearest to you. Alternatively, you can call our main toll-free number at 1-866-205-9000 and select the location you wish to visit from our directory. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in scheduling your appointment at a convenient time.

Does My Extended Health Plan Offer Coverage for This Appointment?

At Back in Motion Health, we understand that many of our patients rely on their Extended Health Plans to help cover the cost of their healthcare services. To determine if your plan covers your appointment, we recommend that you refer to your specific plan coverage details.

If your Extended Health Plan covers the services you receive at Back in Motion Health, we are happy to offer direct billing to most plans. Please verify if your plan is on our list.

Can Physiotherapy Hurt?

Physiotherapy helps patients regain, maintain, and enhance mobility, function, and range of motion. Your level of discomfort during therapy may vary depending on your injury and condition, but it should subside as your injury heals. Following the initial treatment and evaluation, you might experience some soreness or increased discomfort, which should pass within one to two days. Applying some heat or cold compress or gentle stretching can alleviate most post-treatment pain. If pain keeps you from performing the exercises, let your physiotherapist know. Your treatment plan can be changed to help you.

To learn more about physiotherapy in Abbotsford, connect with us today!

Insurance Claims & Information

Get Back to Health after an Accident or Workplace Injury.

Extended Health Coverage

ICBC Insurance Claims

Back in Motion’s team of clinicians, including Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, and Kinesiologists, all have extensive experience in administering ICBC treatments. We are here to help! Click the ‘Learn More’ button for additional details.

WorkSafeBC Claims

Workplace injuries are usually due to trauma or overuse. If you have been injured as a result of a workplace activity, our team of experts at Back in Motion can perform a comprehensive assessment and develop a treatment plan to reduce your symptoms and rehabilitate your injury.

If your claim is approved by WSBC, your initial assessment is 100% covered with a WorkSafeBC Claim number. Once your claim has been accepted by WorkSafeBC, the full treatment cost of your appointments will be funded (within the approved time parameters). When you are ready, your physiotherapist will work with you, your employer, physician, and WorkSafeBC Case Manager to develop a safe and appropriate return to work plan. If your claim has been denied or is disallowed, the expenses will need to be covered by the Client.

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